About Us

Discern Money is a news outlet that adheres to a politically conservative and Christian worldview. It is edited by JD Rucker out of Southern California and is currently privately funded through premium subscriptions on his Substack.

This is the second web property made public in our new media network. Based on the his experience with content creation through America First Report and content aggregation through The Liberty Daily, Rucker chose Discern Report as the logical choice to roll out first.

As our namesake implies, we believe in discerning which content to publish on the site. This is not a feed-generated aggregator. Every video and article is hand-selected. Just because we like Steve Bannon’s War Room doesn’t mean we will post EVERY video from his show. Some of them just aren’t necessary.

We are NOT trying to deliver YOUR discernment. That is up to you. We will post what we believe to be mission-critical content and you can decide what to read or watch. One thing we will not be doing is posting fodder. It’s easy to pander to conservatives by posting videos of Joe Biden falling up the stairs again, but that sort of click-bait content is not going to help anyone. If we post it here, it’s because we believe it’s something America First patriots need to read or watch.

Long-Term Goals vs Today

What you are seeing today is, Lord willing, not the final iteration of this site. We would like to become a literal television network rather than simply posting clips from a wide range of shows. But we have to start somewhere so this is the best way for us to grow while we acquire the resources to expand. Please consider a premium subscription on his Substack if you would like to see us reach our goals, which we believe would be beneficial for the United States of America.

Worldview Samples

It’s important that our audience understands where we come from on certain topics. We generally take a hardline when it comes to conservative philosophies. For example, we are adamantly opposed to the Covid “vaccines.” We believe the 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen through massive, widespread, multi-faceted voter fraud. We believe that the first penny that was sent to Ukraine in taxpayer funded military aid was wasted. We believe groomers are trying to destroy the next generation before they have a chance of becoming functional adults. We believe the globalist elite cabal is working from various angles in a nasty depopulation and control agenda.

If those concepts offend you or if you greatly disagree, then Discern Report isn’t for you.

As individualists and freedom-loving America First patriots, we aren’t looking for 100% agreement. We’re not sheep and we don’t expect our audience to be sheep. But if after reading through some of the stories we post you find yourself agreeing the vast majority of the time, then we’re probably a great fit. Bookmark us. Share links with likeminded patriots. Consider a premium subscription on his Substack if you have the means.

More About JD

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